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There are some kind of females who want to be trained as a pet. They want to be walked on all fours wearing a collar and leash. They want to eat and drink out of a dog bowl, learn to beg like a dog. They enjoy being punished as if they were a naughty dog and, generally, being treated like a real pet.

That type of females are petgirls. I'll show you some of those kinky ladies. Enjoy the ride to the world of petgirls!

The petgirl bride | Jewell Marceau - a petgirl in a wedding dress

Story of a petgirl bribe Jewell Marceau

Have you ever dreamed about a petgirl bride? It would be nice to see one - isn't it? Well here is a kinky story for you.

Enjoy "The Petgirl Bride" - a story about a lifestyle petgirl getting married to her master. Meet famous fetish model Jewell Marceau in the leading role. Jewell suits perfectly to this story. I like her sexy body and lovely face. I’d wish I was there to see the enthralling sight with my own eyes!

The wedding ceremony takes place on a nice green lawn. It is a beautiful sunny day and only a small select group of guests are invited to the private ceremony. Curious persons and paparazzi are not welcomed here.

Innocent petgirl bride Jewell Marceau is pretty as a picture in that white wedding dress, high-heel shoes and a veil. I guess there is a sexy bridal lingerie is underneath. The fiance is dressed in traditional black suit. Bride kneeling silently, looking submissively to the guests and waiting for the master orders. Continue to the full story >>

The freckled petgirl | Alexis May as a submissive pet Bonnie

Story about a freckled petgirl Alexis May

This is a story of a beautiful freckled model Alexis May takes a part in a kinky petgirl fetish game. She is to be slowly put through all the paces and transformed into a crawling pet Bonnie.

Female invited to the master's apartment and held in a sitting-room. Trainer wants Alexis May stripped and naked, collared and leashed to perform simple pet tasks. He starts by putting female on her knees. She's bend over a couch and her panties are pulled off. Male holds trainee hands, showing well rounded ass and perfect legs with a high heel shoes on.

A nice leather collar is wrapped around slavegirl neck and a leach, made of chain, keeps her in control. I can't stand those big boobs dumped out of her T-shirt. I'd like to shake and twist those with my own hands...

Going further with the transformation, petgirl Alexis is undressed completely. She's sitting obediently on a sofa spreading wide, showing her shaved pussy. Read more >>

Busty mature lady-boss Danica Collins turned into a petgirl

Story about a mature petgirl Danica Collins

Have you ever seen a bitchy bosses? A well matured, worldly wise, intelligent woman who spend their days in luxurious office, running business and rule over dozens of people?

I' am sure you did... Imagine yourself how it would be nice to take that type of a female and reduce her to nothing more than eye-candy petgirl, a cheap wank-fodder.

Let's try to do that.

Meet 'Donna Collins' or 'Danica Collins'. This MILF bimbo will help us to realize our fantasy. Danica is a well-stacked, mature lady with a fat juicy rump, who started her path into adult industry in the early 80's. She looks terrific and still parading her flesh. She will suite perfectly for our story.

Let's start with the petgirl Lucky training.

See the glamorous wealthy, independent business woman brimmed with black pride and a degree of self-assured arrogance. She's bored spending her time in the office. She tried to play it cool. She wants something new to heat up her feelings. She needs a fresh feelings and she invites a pet trainee master to her place. During a training session he'll turn her into good little obedient doggy name Lucky, who'll grovel, look degraded, pathetic and weak. The full story & pictures >>

Asian petgirl blowjob | Tigerr Benson sucking cock

Atory about an asian petgirl Tigerr

Every petgirl fan is mad about the cunts in a cages. Caged female is always an eye-candy for the master. Let's take alook at one of those sweet little pets. It will be not just common petgirl story. It'll have some spice! The next petgirl is an asian petgirl!

Meet Tigerr Benson - an orient female, who lives a 24/7 life of a petgirl. Lovely pet named Tigerr looks so hot, being naked on her knees, collared and put on a leash! Her life is an ongoing pet-training and never-ending animalisation. Here is one of episodes og her petgirl life.

Women in cages and on leashes... Sounds fine. Looks like a suitable trial for the asian petgirl Tigerr.

The owner obtained a cage designed for a large dog and he want's to put asian woman in there. To make her torment even more exiting, master put a butt-plug leash in her ass hole. This large-size butt plug would keep her alert and will add more humiliation to her training!

Owner locks petgirl Tigerr in a cage. She starts feeling a slow waves of sweaty claustrophobia. She started shaking her cage to peices, trying to get out. To the full story >>

Submissive mature petgirl Nina Hartley humiliated by a pet trainer

Mature blonde petgirl Nina Hartley

I want to tell you a story about a bored queen, who decided to diversify her life with an exiting adventure.

Please meet famous pornstar Nina Hartley in the role of a pet. She's almost a 50 years old now, but still looks terrific. Lovely face, blond hair and perfect body... I bet a lot of people would be mistaken and thought that Nina Hartley is only 35 or 40! I guess she fits perfectly in this story of a mature queen. She has that wise look in her eyes and a great experience in the field of adult posing on the one side. And she has a great sexy body on the other side. I guess a lot of young boys would like to be seduced by a lady like Nina Hartley! Enjoy the ride!

The bored ruler decided to have a kind of sexual adventure. But she'd get tired of an endless list of young pages, gratifying her. All of them wanted the same - to have sex with a queen. She was bored with that. She want something new. Something that will turn her life upside down.

Fortunately, one of maids of honor rumored, that there is a man who does a female pet training. That it is a great adventure that gives woman an incomparable feeling of being a pet. The queen decided to try. The pet trainer was invited to castle and lead to the privy rooms. More >>