The petgirl bride | Jewell Marceau: a submissive pet in a wedding dress

Petgirl Jewell Marceau posing in a wedding dress

Have you ever dreamed about a petgirl bride? It would be nice to see one - isn't it? Well here is a kinky story for you.

Enjoy "The Petgirl Bride" - a story about a lifestyle petgirl getting married to her master. Meet famous fetish model Jewell Marceau in the leading role. Jewell suits perfectly to this story. I like her sexy body and lovely face. I’d wish I was there to see the enthralling sight with my own eyes!

The wedding ceremony takes place on a nice green lawn. It is a beautiful sunny day and only a small select group of guests are invited to the private ceremony. Curious persons and paparazzi are not welcomed here.

Petgirl Jewell Marceau posing naked

Innocent petgirl bride Jewell Marceau is pretty as a picture in that white wedding dress, high-heel shoes and a veil. I guess there is a sexy bridal lingerie is underneath. The fiance is dressed in traditional black suit. Bride kneeling silently, looking submissively to the guests and waiting for the master orders.

The wedding dress is taken off the girl as the ceremony starts. She's a pet and she don't need it anymore. Naked bride looking down, totally ashamed by what she is had to do. Her breasts are exposed and everybody can see her shaved pussy. Petgirl is sitting back on her ass submissively. Everybody are admire perfect legs and sexy white stockings.

Collared and leashed petgirl Jewell Marceau

The ceremony goes on and couple swears in fidelity to each other. There are a tokens of their marital bondage: a ring for him and a collar for the girl. To put the collar on, the petgirl is put on all fours. Bride has no panties on. Everybody sees a perfect rump and a well rounded ass. She's got totally humiliated as her neck is being collared and leashed. It is time for her owner to to pull the leash tight to keep the pet in control and obedience. I guess he'll do it with a great pleasure.

Petgirl has being walked on a leash, exposed to the members, displaying her charms. As a reward for being such a good girl, Jewell Marceau is given a bowl to feed from. What a view: naked woman bending forward with her face just fractions of an inch from the bowl.

Petgirl Jewell caged

Before going to a romantic honeymoon, pet is being caged and put in the trunk of a pickup car. This wedding cage suits the pet perfectly. Let's feast our eyes upon a beautiful female body caged and taken away by her owner. The newly-made pet wife have a months of arduous training ahead. Hope she'll be good in discipline and obey every command of the master. It is a real life of a domestic animal. It is the life she chose.